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Jerome Le Ny

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Prospective graduate students:

If you consider applying, Polytechnique Montreal provides some useful information here or here. Some of this information is also summarized in this document (in French only). Before contacting me, it is a good idea to fill out this form (in English or French), convert it to pdf, attach your resume also in pdf, and mention in your email why you are interested in working with me, avoiding generalities as much as possible.

Note that admission into the Ph.D. program at Polytechnique is decentralized, in the sense that to do a Ph.D. under my supervision, we have to first agree that I am willing to advise you, and then you can apply formally to Polytechnique before one of the deadlines shown here.

Current Members

Former Members

  • S. R. Manikandasriram (MITACS Globalink Fellow 2015, undergrad from IIT Madras)
  • Jacques Michiels (M.S. 2016, co-advised with D. Saussié). M.S. thesis:
  • Antoine Mignon (M.Eng. 2016)
  • Fatemeh Mousavilar (M.Eng. 2015, co-advised with D. Saussié)
  • Alexis Mocellin (2014, undergrad from Polytechnique Paris, co-advised with R. Malhamé)
  • Meisam Mohammady (M.S. 2015). M.S. thesis:
  • André Phu-Van Nguyen (M.S. 2017, co-advised with D. Saussié). M.S. thesis:
  • Claude-Thierry Pembellot (2013, undergrad, co-advised with D. Saussié)
  • Wassim Rafrafi (M.S. 2016). M.S. thesis:
  • Miriam Romero (2014, undergrad from UPC, Barcelona, co-advised with M. Cloutier). B.S. thesis:
  • Rabih Salhab (Ph.D. 2018, co-advised with R. Malhamé. IVADO Postdoc at HEC Montreal, co-advised with G. Zaccour and R. Malhamé). Now postdoc at MIT. Ph.D. thesis:
  • Romil Sandal (MITACS Globalink fellow 2013, undergrad from IIT Guwahati)
  • Akshita Sukhlecha (MITACS Globalink fellow 2014, undergrad from IIT Roorkee)
  • Sagar Supe (MITACS Globalink Fellow 2016, undergrad from VJTI Mumbai)
  • Ahmed Touati (2013, undergrad from Polytechnique Paris)
  • Juliette Tibayrenc (M.Eng. 2018)
  • Arnaud Venet (M.S. 2019). M.S. thesis:
  • Alexandre Willame (M.S. 2015, co-advised with D. Saussié and R. Gourdeau). M.S. thesis: