Ahmad Shakibaeinia

    Assistant Professor

     Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

     Polytechnique Montreal





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High-performance robust mesh-free numerical models for multiphase flows

This research work involves the development and implementation of an innovative and revolutionary generation of numerical methods, the mesh-free Lagrangian (particle) methods, for high-performance simulation of complex multiphase and free surface  flow problems. Due to the ability of these methods in dealing with large interfacial deformations/fragmentations, these methods are expected to be a serious alternative for conventional mesh-based numerical methods in many environmental, geophysical and engineering applications. The primary focus is on the MPS (Moving Particle Semi-implicit) and SPH (smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics) methods. The research try to address:

  • Convergence, stability and accuracy

  • Boundary conditions

  • Multiphase implications (focus on multiphase granular, air-water and ice-water systems)

  • Performance and efficiency (massively parallel CPUs and GPUs implications)

  • Application to complex environmental and engineering flow systems

Following are the example applications of the developed models:

 3D dam-break wave hitting a structure

Turbulent flow over a rectangular sill

Vortex flow passing a column <click for animation>

Turbulent Slurry jet into still water <click for animation>


Two-phase dam-break wave

Two-phase oil-water flow in a separator


Two-phase sediment-water flow in mobile-bed dam break

Two-phase air-water interaction in hydraulic jump


   MPARS Open-source numerical solver

MPARS (Mesh-free PARticle Simulator) is an open-source mesh-free solver for simulation of fluid flows that I developed during the course of my PhD. The code is based on the MPS (Moving Particle Semi-implicit) method. Primarily it was to study free-surface open-boundary flow phenomena with large deformation of boundaries and interfaces where Eulerian methods (such as FEM and FVM) have difficulties. Later, the model was developed for Multiphase flow, non-Newtonian flow and Granular flow.  <CLICK HERE TO NAVIGATE TO MPARS PAGE>


Related publications:

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Research Interests

  • Environmental Hydraulics

  • Computational Fluid Mechanics and hydraulics (Main focus on mesh-free numerical methods)

  • Multiphase Flows (Multiphase granular flow and air-water interaction)

  • Granular flow and sediment dynamics

  • Fluvial and Coastal Mechanics (hydrodynamics, sediment transport and ice mechanics)

  • Cold-region hydraulics


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