Course Student Projects - Object-Oriented Progamming basics in Java

I teach an OOP introductory course in the Statistics and Business Intelligence department. During the course, the students have to team up and build a kind of virtual world animation or static image (I got inspired from the the late Randy Pausch's "Building Virtual World" project-based course). The only constraint to be respected is the animation (or image) to be slightly different at each run, embedding some random parameters.

This page reveals animated GIF made from some of the best projects among the teams. Proud congrats to my students who are usually more familiar with Khi2 tests and ANOVA than computer animation !

Project Selection 2013 - random images

Project Selection 2012 - random animations

Project Selection 2011 - random static images

Project Selection 2010 - random animations

Project Selection 2009 - shot noise textures

In 2009, the project was to build a shot noise texture simulator using basic shapes.