A Shape-Aware Model for Discrete Texture Synthesis

Pierre-Edouard Landes, Bruno Galerne, Thomas Hurtut

Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. EGSR), vol. 32(4), 2013

Our Model-Based Discrete Texture Synthesis. Given a 2D or 3D exemplar texture composed of discrete vector elements, our model captures the pairwise element interactions that govern the texture's spatial organization, and accounts for their complex shapes. New output textures can then be generated to fill specified domain.


We present a novel shape-aware method for synthesizing 2D and 3D discrete element textures consisting of collections of distinct vector graphics objects. Extending the long-proven point process framework, we propose a shape process, a novel stochastic model based on spatial measurements that fully take into account the geometry of the elements. We demonstrate that our approach is well-suited for discrete texture synthesis by example. Our modelenables for both robust statistical parameter estimation and reliable output generation by Monte Carlo sampling. Our numerous experiments show that contrary to current state-of-the-art techniques, our algorithm manages to capture anisotropic element distributions and systematically prevents undesirable collisions between objects.


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This work was supported by the ANR SPIRIT (ANR-11-JCJC-008-01) and ANR MAPSTYLE (ANR #12-CORD-0025). We thank Philippe Debanné for having lent his voice on the video and Rola Harmouche for the final proofreading.