Personal Interests

My family

I have two teenagers, (B1998, G2000) that keep me quite busy.


I've always been active in sports. In high school, I played football and rugby, and I swam competitively. In university I played waterpolo and did judo. On a participatory level I have played squash, volleybal and soccer, I have done weight training, scuba diving, windsurfing and indoor climbing.

Since 2002, I have been running almost exclusively. I have finished eight marathons (3:31 PR in 2008) and several half-marathons (1:28 PR in 2010) and 10 km (PR 39:30 in 2010). My mid-term objective is to qualify for the Boston marathon and my long term objective (whether or not it is realistic!) is to run a sub-3 hours marathon.

Everything else

I always have a couple of books on the go.

I play the trombone with l'harmonie Laval.

In cinema, I also like pretty much everything (mostly commercial, Hollywood productions, though), but I don't go to the movies that much. I admit to seeing Avatar twice in 3D. My favourite movies are Groundhog Day, The Incredibles and The Matrix.

I don't watch TV, except for The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and House of Card.

I am fascinated by languages. I know the basics of Spanish, German and Italian. In 2010 I studied arabic more seriously. Now if I could only have the time and opportunity to practice!

Other than in Québec, I have lived in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia. I have only visited a few American states (including Hawaii!), France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, England, the Dominican Replic and Puerto Rico.

My dreams: run an ultramarathon (100K+), finish an IronMan triathlon, travel to Africa and the Middle East, take a motorcyle ride through North America, spend one year on a sailboat.

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