Ahmad Shakibaeinia

    Assistant Professor

     Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

     Polytechnique Montreal





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My research interests center around the broad category of environmental/computational hydraulics and fluid mechanics. In the area of computational fluid mechanics, the objectives of my works are to develop new methods and algorithms, improving their reliability, efficiency, and flexibility to solve the many challenging environmental fluid mechanics problems. My main focus in recent years has been on the latest and revolutionary generation of numerical methods, the mesh-free Lagrangian (particle) methods (e.g. SPH and MPS). The application areas of particular interest in my studies are in the fields of fluvial and coastal mechanics (sediment transport, ice dynamics, and water quality), and multiphase turbulent flows (air-water and multiphase granular flows). The overall goal of my work is to further our understanding of such complex flow systems through a combination of mathematical modelling, theoretical analysis, and experimental/ field measurements. The example study cases in my recent research works are free-surface flow in open channels, fluvial sediment transport, coastal landslide, oil-water multiphase flow, dam-break problem, air-liquid interaction, and sand/slurry jets and plumes.

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Research Interests

  • Environmental Hydraulics

  • Computational Fluid Mechanics and hydraulics (Main focus on mesh-free numerical methods)

  • Multiphase Flows (Multiphase granular flow and air-water interaction)

  • Granular flow and sediment dynamics

  • Fluvial and Coastal Mechanics (hydrodynamics, sediment transport and ice mechanics)

  • Cold-region hydraulics


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