Principal Investigator

Ahmad Shakibaeinia, PhD, Eng

Associate Professor,

Chairholder, Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Computational Hydrosystems.

Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal

B431.4.4 Pavillon principal
2500, chemin de Polytechnique
Montreal (Quebec). H3T 1J4
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Email  ahmad.shakibaeinia [ AT ]
Email (514) 340-4711  Ext. 3927

Current members

Abdelkader Krimi (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Research topic: A robust and high-performance particle method for multiphase flows  

Faroogh Garoosi  (Doctoral)

Research topic: Mesh-free particle modeling of gas-liquid multiphase flows  

Mojtaba Jandaghian (Doctoral)

Research topic: A particle method for multiphase granular flows and sediment dynamics  

Andrea Mellado    (Master's)

Research topic: Fully Lagrangian hybrid DEM-MPS for modelling of ice dynamics  

Maryam Shademani (Master's)

Research topic: CFD-DEM modelling of multiphase granular flows  

Saeed Tavakoli  (Doctoral)

Research topic: A fully- Lagrangian fluid-structure-interaction (FSI) model  

Herman Musumari (Doctoral)

Research topic: Mesh-free particle modelling of Newtonian & non-Newtonian flash floods  

Mahyar Talebi   (Doctoral)

Research topic: Mesh-free continuum-based modelling of ice dynamics  

Hamza Ousoukhman (Master's)

Research topic: An integrated modeling framework, for real-time flood impact modelling  

Farnaz Samsamipour  (Master's)

Research topic: River ice flow estimation from space  

Maryam Taherparvar


Research topic: Numerical modelling of tailing spill in Athabasca River  

ClĂ©ment Billy    (Master's)

Research topic: Lagrangian modelling of ice-structure interaction  

Past members

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Prospective members

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